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You know how idiotic myspace surveys always ask you if you’ve had a near-death experience? Well this is what I say to that:

As soon as you’re born, you start dying, because you get closer to death with every second. Now, when you say someone is dying, you mean they have met their “cause of death.” But you have no idea when that’s going to happen. You might walk across the street tomorrow, and a drunk driver could careen into you at 80 miles an hour and bam, you’re gone. So you are always “near death,” because death could get you at any time. So what this question is really asking is, “have you ever realized how close to dying you were?” Fact is, it’s not something I ever forget. I walk around school everyday in the knowledge that I could’ve been poisoned two hours ago, and I don’t even know it. It also happens to be not something that bugs me. I don’t happen to care all that much when I die, because there’s only so much I can do about it, and I pretty much do all the things that are worth it to me to do. I don’t lock my doors or have a spyhole or whatnot, because I believe that it is more important to welcome people into your home than to keep malicious people from killing me. I think my life is not worth living if I’m so busy looking over my shoulder that I forget to look at the people I have been so blessed to know. So there.

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  1. interesting, I’m totaly opposite.

    I live in fear, don’t know why, but I just do. I think I have to agree with batman on this one :” you always fear what you don’t understand.” We’ll I can never figure out how people can lose their mind, and those type of people scare me. I hate pitch black darkness. I always have to lock the door, even when I’m home alone. I stare at my shoes so that I dont have to make eye contact with kreepy people.

    Perhaps it is better to not live in fear, but I’m a paranoid person.

    However, I hardly ever get those moments where I think, gee I could have died back there. It’s interesting how different our brains work.

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