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I would say I have a variety of music. This is just my iTunes. Most of it is pretty angsty, downright sad, or holds a meaning for me. Let’s take a look:

Aaliyah. She has a couple happy-ish songs, but mostly, she struggles.

– Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, and Under Rug Swept. I like the first two better than the third because she rants more and the songs are just weirder. The third one’s still alright.

– Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor. She reminds me of one of those old blues singers in a lot of ways, she just sings and her voice sounds like it knows how bad it can be.

– Avril Lavine: Let Go. Yes, I have Avril Lavine, and I like her. You shut up.

Beatles for Sale, Magical Mystery Tour, Past Masters Vol. 2, and Revolver, all by the Beatles. The Beatles are the Beatles. All of their albums have duds on them, but they also have fabulous fabulousness.

The Quintessential Billie Holiday. I cannot sing her songs because she fools around with the tunes so much. I just can’t get them to sound half as cool. I try, but I fail.

– Bing Crosby’s Lost Columbia Sides and Top o’ the Mornin’. During the entire month of March when I was little, I would hear nothing but Bing Crosby singing about shillelaghs. He also sang “Too ra loo ra loo ral” or however you spell it, but my dad used to sing me to sleep with songs he got from Bing Crosby or Gene Autry, and I haven’t thoroughly gone through his CDs yet, but some songs I kinda just needed to have when he died.

Elephunk and Monkey Business by the Black Eyed Peas. I’ve been trying to get my hands on that live version of “Positivity” for God knows how long, but I’ve never seen it again. I probably should’ve just bought it while I was in Rome. *sigh*

– Buddy Holly. If you’ve ever seen a picture of my dad in his twenties with glasses, your automatic reaction is “OMG he looks just like Buddy Holly!” Buddy Holly could sing about heartbreak like no other. Cheerfully getting over it, despite the staggering sadness. And my dad never got tired of being told he looked just like Buddy Holly.

Prolonging the Magic and Comfort Eagle by Cake. Cake is a seriously fabulous band. They do sexy guitar lines and random lyrics, and some of their lyrics aren’t really that random, but they’re still cool.
10. Barn Party, the Cal-Aggie Marching Band-uh! If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, oh well.

Destiny’s Child, The Writing’s on the Wall, and Survivor. Once upon a time, I was, in fact, a ten-year-old girl who hadn’t quite figured out yet that she was too much of a nerd to be “hip n happenin,” and my aunt terms it. In any case, Destiny’s Child albums were part of my grand scheme to make it big in middle school that failed miserably. I still like some of the songs, but in retrospect, I wonder why I bothered.

– Dido’s Life for Rent. She has a lovely voice and she sings sad songs. All good.

– Ella Fitzgerald. The best. EVER. I learn songs by listening to her sing them over and over again, and then I rework them since if I sing them exactly the same, I will be compared to her, and I will never measure up.

Franz Ferdinand and You Could Have It So Much Better. Great guitar lines, hot lead voice, some mad songs. Good shit.

– Gene Autry. “Cares of the past are behind/lonely but free I’ll find/just where the trail will wind/drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweed.” The singing cowboy. How can you possibly resist?

The Best of Hank Williams. My friends all hate Hank Williams. He is my lover, so too bad for them.

Chopin: Preludes for the Piano. I think that the piano is a very emotionally personal instrument. I can play some of these, but being able to hear the ones I can’t play is really the point of having the CD.

Acoustic Soul, India.Arie. She’s awesome. Rich voice, and doesn’t give a damn what you think.

Brave New World, by Iron Maiden. Angsty + Bruce Dickenson’s sexylicious voice = nigh perfection.

J. Lo and This Is Me… Then. See #4.

– Jerry Lee Lewis. He’s crazy, but his songs are hella fun. Plus, his version of “You Win Again” is nice and heartbroken, even if he left off the second verse.

John Philip Sousa Playing John Philip Sousa. My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Meader, gave me this CD of songs he got off of Napster when it was still free. It’s John Philip Sousa’s band, led by him, playing his marches. They tend to not sound that great because of the recording equipment, but knowing that you’re hearing John Philip Sousa’s band is generally enough for most of us band geeks.

Hot Fuss by the Killers. I love this album, but only sometimes. The other times I find it kind of obnoxious because they use those annoying high-pitched synth instruments in the back. But I love it most of the time, because for the most part it is not happy and it doesn’t make sense.

Satie: 3 Gymnopédies and 3 Gnossiennes. Satie is a modern composer. You have to be in the right mood to understand the directions in his pieces. They’re kind of eccentric because he was kind of eccentric. But they make sense when you’re in a receptive frame of mind.

– Kristin Chenoweth. I first discovered that I loved Kristin Chenoweth when she was on The West Wing, which is one of the best TV shows of all time in my personal opinion. And then I was channel-surfing one day and found her singing opera. And since then, I’ve decided that if I was going to be friends with a celebrity,  I’d want to be friends with her.

Drastic Fantastic by KT Tunstall. She has a cool voice. And nice riffs.

– Band camp ensemble night and concert. I like the stuff we play at band camp. Well, some of the stuff. Ensemble Night is hella long, and I am not keen on flute quintets. So I kinda pick and choose the stuff I really want to listen to again and ignore the rest. But the percussion stuff is awesomely awesome.

Baptism by Lenny Kravitz. Oh yes, Lenny, I will be your sistamamalover. Not only is he totally hot, he can sing and play guitar bass drums piano whatever. And they’re fucking cool guitar lines. I will admit that I have a thing for cool guitar lines. It doesn’t have to be depressing if it has a nice, sexxxy guitar line.

Songs About Jane, Maroon 5. Also many sexy guitar lines, and many angsty songs. I do not care that they are mainstream, I like them.

– Metallica (pre-haircut). Good shit. Really good shit. Good guitars, angst, major sadness, nerdy references, it just brings joy to my heart.

Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield. She has a great voice. Very nice lyrics and some variety in song types.

– Nelly Furtado’s Whoa Nelly! and Folklore. I am kinda mad at Nelly Furtado right now, because her new album sounds like everybody else’s stuff, and she used to sound totally different from everybody else. Her voice is still weird, but the banjos and Portugeuse have kinda vanished.

Silver Side Up, The State and The Long Road by Nickelback. Hard rocking stuff; very depressing and angry. Excellent combo.

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast. Big Boi’s half of the album is more regular rap stuff with brass instruments, with no real duds, and André 3000’s side is a lot more of a story album with a few songs I hate but a few tracks that are just classic and they’ll live forever and I love them dearly.

– Patsy Cline. My sisters found a stray dog when they were littler than they are now and they asked my dad if they could keep it, and he said they could if he could name it. Only dog I’ve ever heard of named Patsy Cline. She died when I was 6.

– Peter, Paul, and Mary. These guys are so nice and soothing and the folk music movement, which did include depressing themes, was also part of most of the progress in the sixties.

– Primus’ Tales from the Punchbowl and Pork Soda. Primus is just Primus. Funk metal. And Les Claypool is the best bassist in the world.

By the Way, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love this album. They have really random lyrics and they have catchy tunes and depressing songs. All good.

– Ricky Nelson. I watched a PBS program on him. It was very interesting, and he was cuter than Elvis in my opinion, and it inspired me to go out and get a Ricky Nelson CD. “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It” is totally irresistable.

– Rilo Kiley. When I went to Disneyworld with the band, I stayed with my Florida cousins for 3 days afterward. I was much better off staying with them than with the band, since they let me sleep and when I was with them, I did as the Floridians do: go to one air-conditioned place after another and don’t go to Disneyworld until after 5:00 pm. Anyway, while I was there my cousin Kelly had this CD in her car, and I really liked it, and as a going-away present, she burned all the Rilo Kiley she had for me, which was all the stuff from More Adventurous and a few songs from other albums. I miss her and the rest of them so much.

Hopefully… by Shohei Kobayashi. I hang out in Mr. Joo’s room a lot, and Shohei pretty much lives there, so I see a lot of him. A lot of my friends have demos that I think are alright, but like so much of what’s on the radio, I probably wouldn’t buy it if I weren’t friends with them. But Shohei is actually ridiculously good. Sometimes I just feel like listening to it because I need to relax or whatever. He has a really unique voice.

– U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I’m actually not usually in the mood for U2. They’re alright, but I have to feel kind of apathetic to actually want to listen to U2.

Rachmaninov: Preludes, Op. 23 & Op. 32. My grandmother played the first prelude on this CD for her graduation from high school. It doesn’t really sound like a graduation sort of piece to me, but it is also totally unbelievable how awesome it is.

– UC Men’s Octet Gold. My grandpa started the octet at Cal with his best friend, Joe Willits. The Octet’s style had changed a lot since those days; they’re into more soloist with backups kind of thing than they used to be, but they’re still good, and often I like their versions of things better than the originals.

3LW. When I went to Trail’s End in either 4th or 5th grade, my counselor and some of the girls in my group did a dance sequence to the third song on this album. They were like, 14 at the time, which my mother thought was insanely funny, and when I was 10 I didn’t get why, but listening to it now, I do. They obviously didn’t write their own songs, because the idea of a 14-year-old experiencing all the stuff on that album is ridiculous. Oh sure, some of the songs had references to make it seem like they were just regular 14-year-olds, but really, it didn’t add up.

Chicago. I loved the movie, so I bought the soundtrack, and I have never regretted it; it’s still wonderful.

Hillbilly Fever Vol 2: Legends of Honky Tonk. This is a compilation of the best old country songs out there by people you’ve never heard of. Country’s general themes have always been love, booze, and any combination thereof, so it tends towards the sad. I love it so.

A Knight’s Tale. When Alex Didonato turned 9, I went to his birthday, which was A Knight’s Tale themed. There was one of those jumper-things in the backyard, and it was shaped like a castle, and we watched the movie, and he gave out burned soundtracks for party favors that said “Alex D.’s birthday!” or something like that. It was a really cool party, and probably the last guy friend’s party I went to. Anyway, I like the soundtrack, good 80’s songs for the most part.

– Pink’s Mizundaztood. Oddly enough, even though this was from my pop princess days, I still really like this album. Lots of raw stuff.

Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 5. Somebody left this at my house once, and it had a lot of one hit wonders I liked, so I kept it. Call me immoral if you will.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack. I love this movie to death. There are several reasons I envy men, but there really is no compensation for being unable to play Dr. Frank-n-Furter for me. I would be a great drag queen. Except for my tits. Oh well.

Stand By Me Soundtrack. This was one of my dad’s favorite movies ever; it reminded him of his childhood in Redding. It has some of the best ’50s songs on it; when I was little I had it on tape and I would play it all the time. I still love it.

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