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On Saturday, I saw Pete Stark. I can tell you, those of you who now feel guilty about not going, you didn’t miss much. The important bits: he’s very optimistic about getting Healthy Kids renewed, and he’s hopeful about getting universal health care through next session. The rest, well, let’s just say I can’t stand people who pay attention to politics, but don’t pay enough attention to politics to form truly informed opinions. All the idiotic Impeach Bush people showed up, basically. Fucking dinglenuts. My mom and I had to buy Tucker’s ice cream to get over it.

So I rented two movies this weekend. The first was The Last King of Scotland. I thought I knew what they meant when I heard “horribly cruel dictator”, but I don’t think I really did. Absolutely do not watch it unless you think your stomach is at least as strong as mine. It gave me a nightmare that night. There was this one scene where there was a person… but it was so grotesque and disgusting, I couldn’t even comprehend it, I was so horrified, and so I asked aloud, “what is WRONG with her?”; my brother, who had much more presence of mind than I, immediately answered, “they sewed her arms where her legs should be.” He didn’t need to add “and vice versa.” So the only thing I remember from the nightmare is that I heard screams and so I ran toward the room that was in the movie and the screams stopped right before I got there and the guy I like was lying on the table with his arms and legs sewn in switched places, dead; and then there was Forest Whitaker’s Idi Amin laughing at me, and then I woke up. That was Saturday night.

Then Sunday came, and I went to church and told Bernie I was sorry about Harriet, and I was glad that BM wasn’t there, because I wouldn’t know what to do. (BM is what I’m calling her now. Don’t ask what it stands for, it stands for one thing for me, another for you.) The rest of her family was there, but she wasn’t. Maybe that’s nothing, but on the other hand, maybe it’s something. I suppose I’ll have to see her in September when we get back to school, but God knows I’d like to avoid her as much as possible. Oh, and just for the record:

The Catholic church has long recognized someone called the accidental Christian. The accidental Christian lives his/her life in the Christian spirit, doing good works, showing compassion, and in general being a benevolent presence in this world; and yet, they deny Christianity. They still go to heaven, by the way. Of course the only Protestants capable of the same idea are the Anglicans/Episcopalians, because everybody else is descended from Lutheranism, and one of the main tenets of Lutheranism is justification by faith alone, which means you have to have faith, otherwise you got nothing going for you. Anyway…

So yeah, the rest of Sunday. After mass, we went to visit my grandma, and we talked about Steve, and a few other things. We then drove to El Cerrito to see my Aunt Avilee and Uncle Daniel. We looked around the garden, which is quite nice but of course my mom and her sister have a lot more to talk about plants than I can say, since their father knew just about everything there was to know about plants and they both like to garden and they could tell each other how not to kill begonias with too much water and whatnot. So then we went in and drank this really cool instant peach ice tea, which I didn’t really know you could make ice tea without making hot tea first, but hey, whatever. And we were sitting around talking about stuff, and first it was fine because we were just talking about mitochondrial DNA, which is a fascinating topic that everybody knew a lot about. But then we got into the Green Revolution and the IMF which I didn’t know anything about, but my uncle was complaining about it, and my mom just hammered him. In the car, she said, “I guess he forgot I majored in that in college.” I didn’t really get why my mother has always had a hard time getting along with Daniel until he retired. Then he kinda became one of those nutcases that you get when you have somebody who listens to KPFA all day and reads the Nation as a supplement. They kinda get out of touch with rational thinking and think that everybody must think like they do because it seems like a normal way to think and that since they’re the “majority”, that politicians must all be evil because they don’t “represent” their constituents. Fact is, politicians have a lot of constituents, and it’s damn hard to get legislation through Congress, let alone through an oxheaded president’s office. I’ve concluded from my father’s testimony that the fairly moderate Daniel that I knew for most of my childhood was actually not normal for Daniel, he was like this before he worked for Bröderbund. Which explains why he drives my mother up the wall. Anyway…

… the second movie I rented was Todo Sobre Mi Madre, an Almódovar movie. It was in Spanish with English subtitles, and I tried to understand most of the Spanish, but I gave up after about 10 minutes because they didn’t teach us many cuss words in school and most of the movie was cussing and slang. It was a great movie. It didn’t seem like it was going to be happy, but somehow, I was really satisfied with the ending and was alright with the death throughout. I’m sure Mr. Martin would like it because it had symbolism and foreshadowing all over it. I think the best person to listen to in the movie is Agrado. She’s a transexual prostitute, but she’s perfectly happy to be a transexual prostitute. And she has the best line in the movie, which is up there ^. So now my mission is to see all the Almódovar movies I can get my hands on. I just rented Bad Education, so I’m well on my way. I’ll put a checklist/review-y thing up here somewhere I think. Maybe I’ll put one up for Miyazakis too, while I’m at it. We’ll see.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to the library café to work as usual, except this time Barbara needed to pick up her daughter and her friends during our shift, so I was like, it’s fine, go ahead. And while she was gone Ms. Guerra came in with this really cute guy, and she was tutoring him. Seriously, he was cute. He had kinda too long of hair, but he was pretty hunky, and he didn’t look femme or whatever with it. Unfortunately, he was also getting tutored on Spanish II, which means that he’s either too young for me, not all that smart, a REALLY big slacker, or (muy improbable) he started in another language and didn’t like it and switched so he’s behind. Well, a girl can dream, right…?

So after that I went to lunch with TF. He had to give me an assignment, so we got burritos after discussing the large amount of emergency vehicles and investigating same, and we went to Peet’s to eat our burritos. And it all seemed kinda awkward to me. Maybe it was because I kinda blew up at him AIM the night before and I was going to tell him that it was alright I didn’t really mean it I got over it blah blah blah but I forgot. Maybe I was distracted by the fact that he fidgets. Majorly. But maybe that was because of the awkwardness. Oh dear this is quite circular. Well I hope he knows I didn’t mean to blow up at him. Well whatever. He’s not back until August, when I’m gone. So yeah. That’s pretty much it.