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I suppose if you didn’t know me in real life, you might want to know who the hell I am. Well, here goes a self-description:

I live on an island near San Francisco that isn’t Treasure Island. It’s a place often called “the Twilight Zone” by outsiders and insiders alike. Time moves a little slower here, but we see the world moving faster all around us, so we’re not naïve people for the most part. I happen to be in the fifth generation of my family in Alameda. Our political battles within the city tend to be about saving Victorians, whether or not we should have a new movie theater, and how the heck we are going to fund the schools. Speaking of which, we have two excellent public high schools, to one of which I go. Some crazy people pay money to go to the Catholic high school in town, or even to send their kids to private school off the island, but I think they must have way too much money on their hands and victim to either the West End stigma or the public-school stigma. Kids often say that there’s nothing to do in Alameda, which is true to some extent, but you can hop on a bus or BART and get just about anywhere if you’ve got the time. It’s kinda big for a small town, but it’s nice, and much of my worldview comes from living in it.

A lot of the rest of my worldview comes from being part of my family. Br’s are scrappy and loud, but they do not feud. We have our own theme song, and it is “I Am a Villain.” That’s song ends with the line “and I eat raw meat”, which we do. All my blood relatives on my dad’s side eat raw meat, to the endless disgust of those who marry us. We also live fairly close together. If you want the family tree, I’ll post one later, so you can refer back to it when I refer to people in posts.

The Bn’s, my mother’s side, are quite different. My mother has 2 sisters, one who’s married with dogs instead of kids, and one without either. Subsequently, I have no first cousins on that side, which I’m kind of glad about. Their Pn blood would make them get along not too smoothly. My grandma is always trying to bring together the family, but her sisters are always feuding over one thing or another. In any case, both these strains combine in me for an incredibly volatile effect.

I am a fighter. I can be viciously competitive at times, especially when I’m arguing. I often say things I don’t mean in order to win an argument. I am pretty abrasive, but for some reason, everyone isn’t totally repelled by me, although I’ll definitely say that some are. But some that aren’t become my friends and come to me for ten zillion things that I suppose I can provide: opinions, a lark, insanity, comfort, and especially home-made desserts. The price they pay is putting up with my dark side- the hurtful comments that I don’t even notice, the madness, my failure to say what’s wrong. I am a person inclined to extremes, shifting from giddy happiness to determined anger to general melancholy with few in-betweens. One thing that is guaranteed to annoy me, however, is talking about grades, test scores, or anything having to do with getting in to college. Really bugs me, beyond almost anything else. My room is generally a reflection of my current state; if it’s a mess, so am I. If it’s clean, I’ve got direction and motivation and all that.

So, in conclusion, keep all this in mind when you read my blog and you might understand my biases. Yeah that’s it.


  1. You have your own website?!?

  2. I think you are the only other person I’ve commented on so far (I’ve only blogged for a short time here in WP) that is from the Bay Area like me..

    like your stuff

    (I’m am violet brown, the violet is not from mother nature)

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