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You sit there, regretting your past. Regretting the future, regretting this unproductive limbo in which you find yourself. Do you really find yourself there? I hope you don’t. Limbo isn’t really a good place to find yourself. People are supposed to find themselves when they help starving kids in Mexico or move to Sweden or finish their lives in existential novels- they shouldn’t find themselves languishing in the lackadaisical. You’re likable, but lazing around in your land of too much of nothing is no way to love yourself. How can you claim to love anyone if you don’t love yourself first?

Sit down and shut up. I’m telling you how it is. You can’t sit there and beat yourself up; you’re making excuses by taking the blame. It’s socially simpler than making amend, but saying sorry just won’t cut it, sister. You’ve got to stand up and start rocking the damn boat. That’s right, now you stand up after I just told you to sit down. But stay shut up. You don’t have to whine, you don’t have to apologize, you don’t have to explain. In my new program of productive production, you do not have to say anything. In fact, speech is discouraged. The time for words has ended. The time for tears and nagging and arguments has passed us by. We will be fine in this commune of mutes. We will listen to the trumpets (with and without mutes) and we will not say a word, because we will know. We will know how to work it out. You sit there waiting, passing the time, no- letting the time pass you. We’ve got to take charge of this time business. We’ve got to hang on to the horns and not let it swing us around, and if we get thrown we have to find a new bull because no one’s going to help us. Everyone else has their own damn problems, they don’t need ours. We are our own damn problems, and so we can fix us ever so easily. Let’s do it, bitch. Let’s get down to business to defeat ourselves. We will not stand for this crap any longer. It’s game time.


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