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How dare you. How dare you say things like that. How dare you talk about something you know NOTHING about. That’s what I want to know. Except that I know it already. Your ignorance is brazen and crude and it gives you the garish audacity to spout shit from your vocal chords, squirting it all over me. Can you tell that you’ve incurred my wrath? Because you have. You do not ever, EVER insult my mother that way. I cannot believe you said that. “The love dies after years; then they just choose to be together out of routine and convenience.” You really said that. About man who never forgot to tell my mother that she was beautiful, not because he was doing it habitually but because he never stopped thinking it. About the man who was mouthing “I love you” to my mother as he was dying, desperately trying to gather breath so that he could actually say it, so that he could be sure that she heard him. My mother, who asked me so many times how she could live without him. You seriously think their love died after 22 years? You know nothing. You are so suspicious of people that you cannot imagine being so in love with someone that you wouldn’t “check” to make sure they are where they say they are. My question is, how the hell can you love someone like that? Always looking over your shoulder, never ceasing in your inability to trust them. That’s so much work. If you have to check on them to know that they love you, that’s not love. That’s convenience my friend. Many long marriages may be convenience, but you can’t take the generalizations you learned in psychology class and apply them to all people everywhere, because guess what? So often, they’re wrong. I know more about people than you can ever learn in a psychology class. I’m not always right, but at least I don’t sit there judging people I don’t know. Who the hell judges a case when they don’t know all the arguments? I judge cases based on their merits; you judge them based on your own naïve biases. Even if you do apologize, I’m not sure I’ll ever be friends with you again. None of my other friends EVER piss me off this much, let alone do it twice. I don’t need to have fights. I really don’t. I am sick of your narrow-minded bullshit. Do you understand that? You think you’re so philosophical. You’re not. You just move shit around in your mind in a way that makes it sound good. It’s like remixing a crappy song. It’s no worse than the way it was organized before, but it’s still crap. This is why I hate talking about things with you. You like the theoretical, and when I disagree with you by offering evidence, you just decide my evidence is somehow irrelevant based on no evidence of your own. I’m pissed, and I don’t like it. I think this is the end; have a nice life, sir.


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