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Sing in the rain
It never rains properly anymore
It doesn’t pour out its everlasting soul into the dark beautiful earth
It just kind of spills a little water
You can’t roll up your jeans and take off your shoes and socks and dance around in a foot of water crying “GOD SAID TO NOA THERE’S GOING TO BE A FLOODY FLOODY”
Because the water’s not deep enough
How the sky won’t cry
You’d think it would at least sympathize with our plight
Cry over our self-damnation
But I suppose it’s gotten over us
After we’ve spit all that nasty stuff into it, I guess it realized that we’re abusive
It decided it wouldn’t shed any more tears over us
Maybe a couple here and there
For those of us who try to help it
I suppose it’s kind of mean to miss a demonstration of another’s pain
But I do
I want the sky to weep all over me
Even though I’ve never run nude in the fresh drops, I liked the fact that I had the option if I wanted to
Sometimes I feel like doing backflips
Even though I can’t
I can imagine doing backflips nude in the rain
Even if it never happens
I want it to be possible
It’s like the woman hoping that you can do it, even if her opportunity has gone by
Just knowing that it can be done is comforting
Not to the sky of course
Because it knows we want it to cry
Maybe we didn’t break its heart at all
Maybe it loved the sun
And the sun doesn’t go away because it’s raining
It rains because the sun goes away
Maybe it couldn’t take all the uncertainty
Of having the sun be there during the day
But having to spend those long nights alone
Maybe the sun would be offended by the ozone layer
Seeing the sky trying to use protection against it
It resents the barrier
Maybe they just couldn’t work it out
So they decided to be friends
And that’s why the sky doesn’t bother to cry anymore
It can be friends with the sun
And if the sun doesn’t show, that’s okay
It can just fog up
But where does that leave us?


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  1. this is good. I like it 🙂

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