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mmmm… chocolate is delicious. So are you. I woke up this morning and realized that you weren’t next to me, even though that would have been the perfect ending for last night. Since I didn’t have you, I had some chocolate. I was so relaxed and leisurely this morning. I floated through the kitchen, eating my chocolate, trying to figure out how to grind coffee, thinking about how much better you are than any daily grind. Thinking about how glorious mornings are. I hate mornings. Except when they’re glorious. This morning was delicious. I licked the chocolate off my fingers and even though I know I’d washed my hands a couple times since I’d seen you, they still tasted like you. I was too contentedly lethargic to be properly excited, but I just felt so warm and sparkly somehow, even though I washed all of the sparkles off last night. Can a person really feel sparkly? I think so. I think it’s like swinging on a star. I want some moonbeams. Maybe I’ll cover them in chocolate and feed them to you. I’ll store them in a jar and we’ll call them choco-beams. And they will give you the most delectable sparkly feeling. And I’ll smile at your sparkling. I’ll dance around with the jar, singing all those songs with “moon” in the title: “Moonriver” “Moon Dance” “Paper Moon”… and I’ll tell you that it’s not make believe if you believe in me. Except that I’m too wasted to dance around. Maybe I’ll just get some gnomes to be my slaves. Capture my moonbeams and such. They can melt the chocolate and dip the moonbeams in and then bring them to me. And they can carry me on a chair over to you, and then I will feed you choco-beams. In fact, if I had gnome slaves, we could make it a business: Sallacity’s Choco-beam Experience. Except it’s not really right to enslave gnomes. Even if I gave them good working conditions, it would still be enslavement. Of course, live gnomes don’t actually exist. Is it more or less immoral to enslave something that doesn’t exist? As opposed to things that do exist of course. I’m not sure. Maybe even nonexistant entities have the right to freedom. Gnomes are really cute though. Maybe I’ll have a gnome anyway. Maybe my gnomes will unionize so I can give them fair wages in my choco-beam enterprise. Maybe they will know already how to capture moonbeams, since I sure don’t. Maybe I should just stick with you. You are delicious enough for me, even if you are not sparkly and not covered in chocolate. I don’t really miss you yet. I’m still so happy to have soaked up so much of your time. I’ll miss you when this delightful exhaustion wears off. But right now, I just want to feed you moonbeams. And they will be delicious.



  1. sensual, and captivating. hope the one this is about reads this.. great post.

    I found another site not like yours, but you both have a way with words, It’s under my blogroll– unfortunate imbalance, you might like.

    thanks for the treat – enjoyed.

  2. damn you. Now I really want some chocolate. And a man to share moon beams with lol

  3. This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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