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Monthly Archives: March 2008

You didn’t know her well
But she was so sweet
And God knows she was nicer than you
And now she’s gone
All things come to an end
But yet you never see it coming
Gets you before you think it will
Faces fly before your eyes
Floating to the never-ending skies
And the smiles live up there
But down here, it’s as if they were never
Except that it isn’t
You know it isn’t
So many things she’ll never know
You can’t ask why
You’ll never get an answer
You can ask what next
But that takes a lifetime to answer
She knows where she’s going
At least
I hope she does

Maybe she wants something
Even if they don’t think so
Work is its own reward
Except when it isn’t
They’ve given up
They yell at her for not living up to her potential
But she gets nothing NOTHING NOTHING when she does
She tries and tries to help herself
But it doesn’t work
The enormity of oblivion
Swallows her whole
Like rainwater into a gutter
Following the dark
Following it forever
Maybe there is sunlight at the end
In the great ocean where the pipes lead
But the water in the ocean is salty
And undrinkable
Despite is shining beauty
She floats on the current
Out to sea
Hoping it will take her somewhere better than she has left
Maybe they will appreciate her
Wherever she is going
A girl can dream such lovely things