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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Well, it’s been quite a while since the last blog, and stuff has happened. Whee updatedness.

Band camp was super. Unfortunately, it could’ve been a little more super if I wasn’t an idiot/coward, but I am an idiot/coward. So now I’m kind of unsettled. But Chippy is still awesome and she is a happy camper and everything is good with my friends except Momo might not go back to camp! Tan triste! 😦 Oh, and “Sparta” and her people in my section inspired me to see 300, so now I have, and it is *metal voice* EPIC. And King Leonidas is a sexy badass. Okay yeah.
So a couple hours and 3 laundry loads after I got back from band camp, I got on a plane and left for New England with Ellie and my Brownson grandparents. I saw cool stuff, like my grandpa’s oldest friend Sonny Chase, and the science museum in Boston (definitely go to that guys it’s helluv awesome), and Forest Park in Springfield. I am so jealous of grandpa for living a block away from that park when he was a kid because it is so friggin awesome even if most of the zoo is gone and there are too many geese. But he got to skate on the lakes! Ugh not fair. It was fun in general and Ellie and I came up with all these words that match days of the week and when I remember all of them I’ll post up the page, but you probably won’t get it because I’m not sure I really get it, but it seems to work. Whatever.

Anyway, so I got back on Sunday pretty late and I’ve had jet lag ever since, so I wake up super early. Like every day before today, I woke up at like 8:30, and today, I woke up at 5:30. Wtf. On Monday, I was informed that I was to make flan for a dinner that Amy and Scott were throwing for Scott’s mom and aunt, who turned out to be cute little Socal ladies (y’know, lots of makeup, dyed hair, a little clueless, very skinny, but really nice). The flan turned out alright even though I had to make it the same day that I served it and it had barely gotten cold enough to serve and the caramel wasn’t dark enough but everyone said it was the best or whatever and it was all good. Then the next day my laptop screen stopped working and I called the plumber to fix the leak (which they fixed today thank God) and now we have to take out this wall since it has mold in it and we have to patch the one upstairs.

Yesterday Hallowed Earth was going to have a band meeting, so Mike and Robo showed up, but Mark flaked, so they were hanging out here for a couple hours and we finally just started washing the dog. So the dog is clean but the future of Mark’s membership in the band is still uncertain. But they’re fun guys, so it was good for a while.

So now I suppose I’ll have to be crawlspace monkey today, and then I’ll make cake for the August birthdays tonight. Or maybe I’ll do the other way around. Or maybe I’ll do homework. *sigh*…