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Yeah, I was sick today. I found out on the site I just added to my blogroll that when you feel like you’re going to throw up, you’re nauseated, not nauseous. Nauseous is when you make other people want to throw up, which is truly disgusting. I also discovered that there IS a difference between mucous and mucus. Go look on the site. Find out every grammatical thingy you ever wanted to find out.

Anyway, being sick kinda sucked, but it gave me a chance to read The Other Boleyn Girl again. I wish I had what she had. It’s by Philippa Gregory. Go check it out from the library Monday morning so you can go to the café and harass me. Yeah, I’ll post more later.



  1. you are a sickly person

  2. HOW DARE YOU GET SICK ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! just kidding but man that sucks. and dude Natalie Portman is going to be in the movie they made of The Other Boleyn Girl and yeah. Ooh man Natalie Portman is muy sexy!!

  3. Oops. I mean. You are a sickly person. My name is Mel! Yeah!

  4. Oh sally, you always get sick. Oh well.

    No, he’s not my room mate. Sadly. Anywhooo, so this is your blog eh? Very black in color.

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